Episode #9 - Crossover with Mark and Dustin of The Brew Bloods Podcast

April 6, 2017

Hey Gang, sorry for the long hiatus, but we're finally back with our first episode for 2017.  In this episode, Leory and I hang with of The Brew Bloods Podcast.  We sit down first with them to talk about beer and their history in podccasting and then switch gears on their podcast to talking about and rating Am I Right or Amarillo IPA from Bell's Brewery. So sit on back, crack a cold one open and enjoy!



Episode #8 - Noah Magryta, North Texas Sales Rep for Avery Brewery

December 20, 2016

Hey gang, this week Leroy and I sit down with Noah Magryta, the north Texas sales rep for Avery Brewery.  We get a slight outside perspective of the north Texas beer scene from someone who now works for one of Colarado's bigggest craft berweries. Noah talks to us about the differences between the Texas and Colarodo beer scenes and even his time working for Rahr & Sons. So sit back, crack one open and enjoy! 


Retro Brew #2 - 2014/2015 Goose Island Bourbon Barrel County Stouts and NES Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos

December 14, 2016

Hey gang, here we are with Retro Brew #2. With this epsidoe we are pairing the Goose Island Bourban Barrel 2015 Coffee Stout and the 2015 Regular Stout with the NES's Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. We were going to pair the 2015 coffee stout, but like most know, a majrity of them had been infected. Also in the episode, we have our friend Three (really name Robert) help host the show. So I hope all of you craft beer drinkers and gamers enjoy!!!


Episode #7: Zach Petty, Head Brewer at Four Corners Brewery

December 7, 2016

This week Leroy and I sit down with Zach Petty, head brewer at Four Corners Brewery.  We get into ceratin topics such as his love for music and home brewing, the breweries move over to the Cedars next year and the collaborations they did with Szot Microbrewery in Chile. So sit down, crack one open and enjoy!!!


Retro Brew #1 - Karbach Fresh Nugs and NES TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project

November 28, 2016

Hey Gang, this is a new project that we are trying. Since you can can pair beer with cheese and other dishes, we decided to try a project I came up a few years ago: pairing craft beer with a retro video game. So here it is, the first episode of Retro Brew. With this episode, we trying pairing Karbach's Fresh Nugs lager, with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project for the NES. This is meant to be something that both craft beer connoisseurs and video game fans will both enjoy. So have a listen and let us know what you what you think!


Ep. #6 - Sean Cooley and Wade Wadlington, Co-Owners of Division Brewing

November 22, 2016

This week Leroy and I sit down with Sean Cooley and Wade Wadlington, the co-owners of Division  Brewing. We get into how they met, both having a long history of being home brewers and eventually opening up the first brewery in Arlington, Tx.  We also discuss some of their favorite styles of beers and how things have been at the brewery with it being under a year old.  So grab a cold one, crack it open and give us a listen. 


Ep. #5 - Laron Cheek and Matt Morriss, Two of the Owners of Rabbit Hole Brewing

November 7, 2016

This week Leroy and I sit down with Laron Cheek and Matt Morriss, two out owners of Rabbit Hole Brewing. We get into some really interesting stories such as the naming of their beers and why they chose Justin, Tx, as the location for the brewery when a couple of them live in Dallas. So sit back, crack one open and enjoy!


Ep.#4 - Justin Hatley, Cellarman at Lakewood Brewery

October 25, 2016

This week we sit down with Justin Hatley, one of the cellerman at Lakewood Brewery.  We chat about everything from beer, beer pairings and charities that the brewery works with such as Guns and Hoses. So grab a cold one and enjoy the new episode! 


Ep. #3 - Shera Conaway, Bartender at Deep Ellum Brewery + Podcast Host Bios

October 11, 2016

Here we are with the third episode of the North Texas Beer Podcast (yes we changed the name slightly). We sit down with Shera Conaway, one of the bartenders at Deep Ellum Brewery.  We discuss her entry into world of working for Deep Ellum, and just the world of Texas breweries in general. Plus, Given the fact that we start off the podcast, Leroy and I introduce ourselves to our audience. So, give the podcast a download, grab a brewski and enjoy!!! 


Ep. #2 - Chris Rigoulot, Owner of Noble Rey Brewing

September 26, 2016

With episode 2, we shit down with Chris Rigoulot, owner of Noble Rey Brewing. We get into everything from the naming process for their beers to just how geek oriented the brewery really is. We also introduce you to our new game Drink, Cell or Pour.  So sit back, crack one open and enjoy. 

P.S. You're gonna hear us say that this is episode #3, but we wanted to get this out in time for Noble Rey's year anniversary celebration on October 1st. 
You can get information here.  So make it out if you can!!!